4WD Courses

A four-wheel drive gets you moving, whatever type of trip you have planned. They are ideal for everything from a weekend getaway in the country to an expedition to the Top End – and all points in-between. Sturdy enough to tow any caravan and agile enough to get you out onto the beach or the backroads, a 4WD is the answer to pretty much any driving question.

So you want to make sure you get the most out of your vehicle, while also staying safe and minimising the risks of anything curtailing your trip. Our courses are designed with just that combination in mind. We’ll give you the skills you need not only to drive with confidence, but also to prep for trip success, deal with any hiccups on the road, and ensure you – and your vehicle – get to your destination in great shape.

Tow-Ed courses will set you up perfectly for your next adventure.