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Towing is a unique challenge. After all, you’re in control of two vehicles. That takes some specific skills and techniques. Which is why we at Getabout we have a dedicated sister site, Tow-Ed. This is where we bring together the courses and info you need to make sure that when you want to set off on your next trip – you’re ready. 

Whether you looking to take a boat down to the lake for the weekend, or pack up a caravan for a big lap around Australia, we know you want to get comfortable behind the wheel – and with what’s behind your 4WD too. Our dedicated towing courses are just the ticket.

And if you want to take your training further, we’ve got that covered as well. From off road driving for that extra burst of adventure, to helping you pack and prep for any type of trip so you can stay on the road wherever your sense of adventure takes you, our hands-on courses mean you can drive into your next journey secure in the knowledge that, you know, you’ve got this. 



What our customers say…

On Thursday my partner Louise and I attended the towing course at Lithgow.

The course was fantastic, and Graham provided a great blend of theory and practice. By the conclusion of the day both Louise and I were feeling much more confident (and calmer) about the challenges of off road towing.

The final endorsement for Graham's effective teaching came next morning when we were able to back the trailer into our yard with a minimum of fuss, and position the trailer exactly where we wanted it to be.

Our expectations were exceeded on the day, and we will certainly be recommending Tow-Ed/Getabout's training as we travel about Australia.
Louise & AnthonyAug 2019